What do you mean “Now”? ( re. Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto )

rediscovery of pharma model

Nassim Taleb – who is notable in skeptic circles – and his followers seem to have awoken to the business model of pharmaceutical corporations: Spread disease and then charge exorbitantly for “treatment”. It’s worth noting that although the evils of Monsanto are often discussed separately to the evils of Big Pharma, Monsanto was created an outgrowth of the nascent pharmaceutical industry.

The early Monsanto, purveyor of chemical weapons (these days they only sell white phosphorus, which is handwaved as being something other than a true incendiary), has long since been adsorbed into Pfizer, cleansed and born again as a biotech company who now just predatorially patent and monopolise crops and bleed smallholder farmers dry with their rented sterile seeds, condemning them to starvation or suicide. Pharma corporations on the other hand do all that and then some! (cf. IG Farben)

Now that said I’m really not a fan of Taleb, who attacks Monsanto whilst defending Big Pharma as benign; excuse me, but that’s like condemning thieves and condoning robbers (Yes, I’m aware Dante and some other philosophers considered secretive theft worse than open robbery but the analogy still holds…). He also blocks anyone who criticizes or disagrees with him, truth doesn’t fear scrutiny, so consider that an inherent sign of dishonesty. Finally he has a clique of sycophants who remind me a lot of the follower’s of Julian Assange (or even Neil deGrasse Tyson) in their hopes to bask in some reflected intellectualism.