On the subject of “antivaxxer” Andrew Nolch (damage control post)

andy nolch insta

Although the descriptor “comedian” equally deserves quibble marks in Andy’s case

Most people’s idea of activism doesn’t extend to the desecration of memorials, but being that the – not yet convicted, but freely admitted – attacker of the late Eurydice Dixon is autistic, Andy apparently thought this was a good time to raise awareness of the vaccine-induced autism epidemic with obscene graffiti. Or perhaps he just wanted attention. Whatever, but I know this is exactly the kind of incident used to smear the anti-vaccine school of thought and it did make front-page news in Australia, which the apprehension of a vandal (no matter how offensive) generally doesn’t, indicating a distinct partisan spotlight in the press.

Firstly, it must be said that despite Mr Nolch’s vulgar act the psychopathology of the killer is an aspect of this case worth discussing, which naturally the MSM have tiptoed around, they try to keep us unaware of the existence of an epidemic of vaccine ills let alone the implications of such a blight (autism is not the only auto-immune disease caused by vaccinations, just the best known, having a vanishingly small prevalence in pre-modern populations). All scientific evidence – and common sense – suggests that autism (like schizophrenia) significantly increases the likelihood of a person becoming either the perpetrator or the victim of violent crime, although the authors of the same studies which establish this link often attempt to handwave the connection either by attributing it to “co-occurring conduct disorder” (however conduct disorder – like psychopathy – is in itself often diagnosed from a history of violence, so adjusting for it introduces a statistical artifact) or by explaining this as the result of the neuro-developmentally disabled criminals being easier to catch and extricate a confession from (this is more convincing, but when a several fold higher risk – as quoted in the latter source – is taken into account it implies the existence of a massive body of unsolved crimes committed by the unimpaired, where is the evidence of this?). In fact, the causal relationship is easy enough to understand: Increased risk of victimization is predictable given the obvious vulnerability (and usually, gullibility) of the mentally defective as a primary cause with their typically low socioeconomic status and frequently insecure housing situation (or outright homelessness) as a secondary cause due to exposure to assailants; increased risk of commission of a crime is another logical corollary of frustration due to mental limitations preventing them from reaching typical social milestones in addition to a tendency toward violent reactions stemming from probable past abuse (and paranoid ideation, in schizophrenics, but we’re not focusing on them…).

Now as I’ve stated, this poorly kept secret provides an important angle on the story, and needed to be raised (the case reminds me a lot of the murder of Stephanie Scott, with an apparently similar perpetrator and presumably similar motive). However, it’s also important to note by way of explaining Andy Nolch’s crass display that he is not a regular antivaxxer, but – unless it’s all an act – a particular type of exceptionally credulous conspiracy theorist whose strange reasoning processes make them capable of stranger still deeds. Such people are really not so different from the “sheeple” they deride in that they lack critical thought to such an extent that they will believe any nonsense that runs contrary to mainstream news, science, politics etc. whilst taking their esoteric affections as a badge that sets them apart from (and above) the masses: Sort of like a cross between a hipster and a mystery cultist. This can be seen in Andy’s rambling about aliens:


There’s so much wrong with this I barely know where to start (and I don’t know why I’m even trying). Even if the various races of humans are poorly suited to their respective climes – and in reality they are pretty well adapted, insofar as millennia of technology use have somewhat obviated the evolution of physical traits – that would require explanation but in no way proves that we are aliens from another planet. This is a common trait in extremist conspiracy theorists, they point out a seeming hole in the official theory and then expect you to accept their Swiss cheese version.

Secondly, evolution does not produce “flawless creators” [sic], just ones good enough to survive and reproduce, the occasional mutation that brings them closer to perfection in their niche will be selected for over long timescales, but particularly in highly derived clades of higher organisms evolution tends to work with what the creature already has: A good example is the flight of bats contrasted with birds, the bat was unable to evolve feathers directly from reptilian scales, consequently their membranous wings have disadvantages compared to those of avians in upstroke efficiency and achievement of cruising flight, explaining why birds tend to fly higher and further during their migrations and dominate the diurnal sky, as well as the lack of eagle-sized bats. Another good example is the inefficient digestive system of the herbivorous panda bear compared to ruminants, due to them having recently carnivorous ancestors. Likewise humans didn’t make the transition to tool-using bipeds entirely without a hitch.

Thirdly human melanism does indeed vary with latitude and environment as predicted by evolutionary theory, with increasingly melanistic morphs found among monophyletic groups (like Caucasians) the closer one gets toward the equator. The Inuit (Eskimo) people are an exception, but they actually do live in a high-UV environment once snow glare and the lack of shelter in the Arctic circle are accounted for.

Finnish vs Portuguese

Or does that count as “slightly adapted”? Can’t have it both ways though, if skin color is a slight adaptation expected in an extra-terrestrially originated lifeform, then it can’t be claimed as proof of said organism being brought from elsewhere.

It also turns out that people of South Asian and Mesoamerican descent don’t need black skin as their incidence of skin cancer is barely higher than Africans (and much lower than Northern Europeans), which raises the question of why sub-Saharan Africans are so much darker. Without being an expert on this topic I’d guess that it’s plausibly due to a Fisherian runaway and/or due to intermingling in Africa’s distant past between dark skinned plains dwellers and lighter skinned forest/jungle dwellers of that environmentally heterogeneous continent whereby extremely dark skin conferred a fitness advantage when interbreeding with the paler morphs, as it guaranteed the offspring would be at least dark enough to stave off sunburn and cancer, should he or she remain with the darker tribe in their high-UV habitat. Either seem more likely than humans originally being aliens who were smart enough to travel between the stars, but stupid enough to settle in inhospitable climes and throw away all their advanced technology.

When he isn’t unveiling other astounding secrets like Jesus having superpowers due to being fathered by an alien (WHICH WOULD MAKE HIM A NORMAL GUY!) flying saucers shot down with Tesla’s ray gun and crystal energy telekinesis Andrew rants about how difficult Wikipedia is to understand.

nolch gibber 3

I might seem to have veered into petty and pedantic character assassination, but it’s actually illustrative as to why he would deface a memorial; he’s a stupid, crazy person who does stupid, crazy things… and would still do so even if he’d never heard any criticisms of the medical-industrial complex. It’s also a priority (for me anyway, and should be for every sensible antivaxxer) to disassociate anti-vaccine activism from the lunatic fringe of conspiracy theorists.

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